Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Steelhead WÜleur - Andrew Carroll

that thing was like half that size in real life, come on...

more smoke and mirrors...

AC and I drove up to Lewiston last week searching for Steelhead on the Trinity and he landed this healthy Rainbow instead. We were very proud of the fact that we did not hook each other in the face considering we are complete neophytes to fly fishing. Our only hope now is that maybe Paul Willerton or Greg LeMond see this post and offer us a lesson or two. I think a Steel WÜl road trip involving some fly fishing is in order. Maybe Caletti could design us an adventure bike that had a place to stash a fly rod. 



For the record: 
The last time I saw Willerton was when I met him at his house in Seabright for a training ride and when I arrived, I found him on the front lawn in his Subaru Montgomery kit practicing his fly casting. 


  1. Jake,
    I found the post! Imagine that. I can be reached at wolf@defeet.com - drop me a line, some time.


    Paul Willerton