Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rain Dance Boogie via Tunitas Bike Hut - Yummy!

Peter Johnson leading us out of Cardinalville

down west La Honda 

up Tunitas Creek

The Bike Hut calorie fest / donation stop

For the record:
The last time I rode up Old La Honda was during the heyday of the noon ride and my teammate Mike Murray was crushing guys half his weight including Jose Luis Vanegas and Jose Robles of Columbia who would come out on the ride to test their pinner legs on San Mateo's finest back boogie. I was stoked to finish in the group with Patrick Heany, Trent Klasna, Dean Myer, Craig Schommer and Jimmy Robinson. Word on the street is that Mike used to drag a small car tire up Old La Honda to increase power. If I remember correctly, his time was sub 14:30 - STRAVA that on a 21 pound Merlin with Mavic 8 speed and 3 cross wheels in plastic shoes. They certainly don't make them like Mike Murray anymore or Eric Heiden - La Honda record holder...

Click to hear it from "the horse's mouth"

Eric Heiden Old La Honda Record 14:10 

La Honda Road
Max. grade: 15% (18% inside switchbacks)
Main climb: Avg. grade: 7.3% (elev. gain/dist) 
Length: 3.35 miles (5.39 km) 
Elev. gain: 1290 feet (393 m) 

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