Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Find your 'Big Cookie' and enjoy the ride...

Hi Jaker,

Last boogie of the road trip. Rolled out of sisters place in Santa Monica up PCH into Malibu; short on time, looking for quick vert gain. 25 minutes in, recognized a name, took a ravioli and began to climb Las Flores Canyon. Wow. That guy bit right away and I found my big cookie for nearly 3 miles! Epic. I'm gonna research the climb but it is one of the stiffest 3 miles I've ridden. At the top, another ravioli onto Rambla Pacifica and up to the saddle where I grabbed these snaps. Check out Catalina island framed in the background. You can also make out downtown LA in one of the pics. Nice contrast to climbing in the desert. Anyhow, enjoy!

For the record:
If you are ever worried about bike weight - just pedal with Sir Silky and Super Dave while they drop you on their 5 + pound heavier rigs. It is all about the motor.

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