Saturday, October 27, 2012

John C. Fremont Peak Boogie

You can spy Fremont Peak directly behind John's helmet 

John putting his life in the Lord's hands

Tyson atop Fremont Peak

Beautiful views of the Gabilan and Coast Ranges

It is not a SW boogie unless you end it with 5k of gravel and a head wind

In 1846 John Fremont and Kit Carson climbed to the top of Fremont Peak with 60 armed men to survey the land for military use. In 2012 5 bonked WÜleurs climbed Fremont Peak to survey the picnic area for crumbs 

Ride Report:
WÜleurs - 5
Caletti Frames - 4
Distance - 180 k
Hours - yep
Elevation - you betcha
Gates- 3
Gravel - 10 k
Lunch - of course 
Peregrine Falcons - 2
Psycho Truck Driver CA Plate # 4GX9481 - 1
Doug E Fresh references - 6 or 7
Hypoglycemic induced Fire Marshal Bill impressions - 3

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