Monday, September 24, 2012

a raccoon a lifeguard and a German walk into a bar..

Once again I passed a couple of German cycle tourist pedaling (hauling ass) south bound Highway 1 in the number 2 lane. I met up with them near Dear Park and I jokingly asked them if they were traveling without a map and they admitted to only having an I-Pad (dead battery). They were en-route to the tip of Baja from Anchorage.They were in need of some oatmeal as the local raccoons snagged all there calories at New Brighton camp ground. I told them that I had a buddy (state lifeguard) who could talk to the local shot-caller raccoon at New Brighton and maybe get some of there tasty morsels back but they were just as happy to check out what Delux Foods was all about. I pulled out another trusty (free) AAA map and sent them on their way. I asked them what they thought of Ullrich and they said that he is no longer "silly" referring to his mental status. As soon as we started chatting about Ullrich they immediately commented on Lance and gave me the international sign for doping (needle in the arm). Someone remind me that I need a couple more Monterey Bay and Central Coast maps for the give-a-way stash.

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