Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gran Stupido! Amateur Dopers get it all wrong.

Folks please tell me that some knucklehead did not get caught using EPO at the freaking Gran Fondo New York. From here on out the term Gran Fondo is officially banned from this blog! That news makes me want to take up fly fishing. Seriously, we need to take back this incredibly fun sport we call cycling. 

When I read that two amateur weekend worriers tested positive for EPO at the GF New York to help them win prize money, I about died (laughing). David Anthony of New York admitted to doping while competing in the mens 45 to 49 category. Mr. Anthony said, "This was something that I alone did, and I take responsibility for it. My team, coaches and friends had absolutely no knowledge or participation in this.” Did he say team and coaches? I thought we learned our lesson here. 

Isn't it ironic that an upper middle class american is mimicking a starving bicycle racer. What is a GF doing offering over $100,000 in prize money anyway? I predict a  GF France that snakes through the countryside for 21 days and has a race leader, team cars, feed zones, fans, mechanics and a television network will pick up on it and sell the shit out of it. Certain things in this world are sacred and winning money for pedaling your bike should be limited to professional cyclists only not an insurance agent from Wichita on a SL5 with deep dish wheels and shaved arms. 

David Anthony is not even a good doper. Dopers are like inmates, even they have a hierarchy of class. Let me see if I can get this straight, David Anthony paid for the EPO, paid the GF fee, paid for his expenses only to try to recoup the cost of his GF by doping? A true Doper would never have to pay for the drugs, travel expenses, or bikes and any and all doping is directly related to a UCI title or salary increase. Come on, If you are going to dope you have to dope with honor. Can't you just see the headlines - Local Disease Ride Fund Raiser Disqualifies Seven For Doping, Pledges Returned. Didn't David Anthony win the Spina Bifida Ride and place 2nd at the Flesh Eating Disease Ride? 

It is stories like this that make me even more motivated to organize some fun Boogies for  Steel WÜleurs looking for a good time, a silky tempo, no prize money, and the occasional "Dave, you are only hurting your friends".

Keep the faith, engage your neighbor, ride with friends, don't spend money.

For the record: Mr. Anthony's cycling team was sponsored by Comedy Central and the USADA spent $17,000 on anti doping controls at the 2012 Gran Fondo New York alone. That is almost as sick as giving Olympic Medalists a tax break.

Get your Boogie on!


  1. I blame power meters... It's the gateway drug for cat 3 and 4 riders. First comes the power meter, then comes the epo and hgh.