Monday, May 28, 2012

IPO gone bad - massive FACEBOOK deactivation

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Mr. Wilson just earned himself a Steel WÜl jersey with this confirmation email. There might not be a massive FACEBOOK deactivation movement but the freaking  IPO went from a high of $45 per share to $31 in a matter of hours with 85 million shares sold in the first 32 seconds. It is obvious that the big hitters of the money world knew exactly what was going on when they all sold their shares only 55 mins after FB had its initial public offering with 458 million shares sold the first day.

I hear that GM has pulled out of FB as well. They finally realized that social networking was not the place to hock vehicles. I suppose I should mail a SW kit to Joel Ewanick (GM chief marketing officer) he looks like he pedals a bike - he has that carbon roadie with deep dish look to me - I can just sense it.

Joel Ewanick
Chief Marketing Officer - General Motors

For the record:
Anyone ever heard of a company called Yahoo? Lance used to have this logo on his kit. Anyway, Yahoo's IPO was worth 222 Billion Dollars, don't ask what Yahoo is worth today.

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