Saturday, April 7, 2012

March showers brings....... fresh legs- we think

Santa Cruz peddlers are not used to riding 60 miles before hitting the daily climb. Henrietta Peak is framed off in the distance waiting patiently for our arrival.

If you look close enough the road is shaped like the S in the circular Appleton SW logo.

Steel WÜleurs enjoying the long approach up Lone Tree Road to Henrietta Peak. Don't be fooled by the silence, they were all chatting like school girls until I started filming.

Miles- 125
Klicks- 201.168
Wind- yes
Silky - yes, then no, then yes, then sort of, then most of us, then all of us I think
Calories - burrito, veggie burgers, coke, tacos, salt chips, snickers, beef jerky
new roads- 4
gates- 3
gravel - 3 sections
flats - 1
Temp - cold, then hot, then perfect, then I forget
pockets - manageable, then over flowing, then empty, then over flowing, except MB.
missed turns by jake- 2
miles we hid behind Tyson - 80

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