Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Steel Wul Trivia - NCL

Name 5 Santa Cruz County cyclists who raced in the infamous National Cycling League (NCL).

What is the NCL?
In July of 1991 Peter O'Neil introduced the NCL to America with the inaugural race in San Diego. With Santa Cruz being a mecca for road racers we had our fair share in that race. He organized the teams through cities modeled after the NFL or NBA and they would travel through out the US racing criterium style crowd pleasers and each rider was paid $500 to $2,500 per race. It was the US version of kermese racing.

I will give you the easy one:

1. Freddy Markham
2. Andy Paulin
3. Ed Goulet
4. Mike Batton
5. Brian Marks
6. Matt Morris


  1. OK It's a long shot but here are my guesses. Andy Paulin, Hal Worthington, Ed Goulet and Greg Shapliegh???? Wild card would be someone like Larry or Shaners. K

  2. OK, lets see what Kev has here as I filter through these names that were thrown out like an old tire. Lets start with the correct ones: Andy Paulin, Ed Goulet good call. Shap was way to classy to ever partake in the NCL and Mt. Larry and Shaners were busy putting locals in the pain cave.

  3. Ahh, the competition never stops, does it? Shap couldn't sprint his way out of a wet paper bag, even if it resembled the NCL (National Criterium League) and A. Paulin Had(s) enough class to race in whatever era or league he might have chosen to, no questions asked or doubts raised.