Friday, March 2, 2012

King Cage - in a word.............Simple!

Check out Ron Andrews (owner of King Cage) make one of his indestructible bottle cages (stainless & Ti) at the 2012 NAHMBS. I would like to see a carbon cage manufacturer punch one out without using a respirator or glue in 42 seconds. I have roughly 75K miles on my King Ti cages and they look the same as the day I bought them and I've never lost a bottle. Unfortunately for Ron you will only need to purchase them once.



  1. Jake wrote, "Unfortunately for Ron you will only purchase them once."

    However, who do you know who has only one bike? Good for Ron we have an obsession.

    1. That is a true statement as we have 4 on the tandem!

  2. They are also adjustable. You can bend them so they hold any size waterbottle-something you can't do with carbon