Friday, March 30, 2012

Emergency Training - everyone does it....

Emergency Training aka - secret training, solo training, Yosemite training, last minuet training, oh my god I better start training training, wind-trainer training, roller training, and my favorite version is Andrew Carroll's midnight urban assault after everyone is in bed training.

For the first time in over a decade I found myself doing some "repeat" training. Even though this goes against every grain in my post racing body, it just felt like the right thing to do and I actually enjoyed it, however I still can't shake my bad memories of doing 6 10-minute intervals per Rob Parson's on Old Mount Madonna with Shane Kleopfer. I ended up out on Swanton Road and did a quadruple loop. The Conservation Crew that was working at the Casa Verde Cal Poly office thought I was lost.


-Emergency Train a maximum of 3 times a year
-always go solo -no matter what
-get permission to ride first (this makes for a better return)
-pick your route well ahead of time so the mind doesn't wonder and get weak
-pick a route you are well familiar with
-avoid heavily traveled roads
-never end on a bad note
-always pick a loop never an out and back (yellow line fever)
-each loop should be faster than the previous
-don't ever admit you are on an Emergency Training ride if confronted

The following situations would call for Emergency Training:

-you spend more time changing diapers then changing chamois
-your bike has cobwebs on it
-your shorts are too big and jerserys are too small
-your leg warmers are starting to slip down
-your h2o bottles are growing things
-you have to loosen the straps on your helmet
-you claim the reason you got chipped on the Saturday ride was because BJM was there

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  1. Does the posting of the rules indicate some secret training going down?