Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Levy the Water & the Windmill

View of Henrietta Peak on Lone Tree Rd. (3,626')

Only miles to San Luis Reservoir from top of Henrietta Peak

AC and I revisited Lone Tree Rd for the first time in 20 years (almost to the day) and forgot how desolate it is out there. The last time I rode this peak I was with Joe Pettinger, Ryan Barrett, Ian Carver, and James Newman. This ride is used by BJM to tighten up the belt in the winter months. I know some Steel Wüleurs that will absolutely dig this boogie. This is going to the front of the SW ride list!

Steel Wül Musette report:

(2) croissant cream cheese / strawberry sandos (homemade)
(2) Peanut Butter Cliff
(1) Coca Cola
(1) chicken taco
(2) chocolate chip cookies
(1) almond snicker bar
(1) peanut butter snicker bar
(1) goo (shoulder tapped AC for that one)
(3) bottles h2o
(1) Gatorade
(1) bag of Sea Salt Chips

After looking at these numbers, I would be lucky to have zeroed out those calories. Good thing it was a buck 20+. Know wonder my stomach was feeling a little "funny".

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