Wednesday, February 8, 2012

La Gazzetta Hazel Dello' Sport

Its a good thing we all have our day jobs. You throw in a couple of eastern block Euros a Shapleigh or a BJM and we all would have been in the gutter questioning why we ride in polyester with shaved legs. Regardless.... its still fun pedaling with the local speedsters. Brock looks like he belongs in a Mountain stage of the Giro. Good thing for us all that Super Dave and Dano were feeling kind on the Dell. Why did'nt someone tell me that he was filming - I would have sucked in my gut for show.

I know I am dating myself but I long for the days when Mt. Larry Hibbard would solo the Dell on his Mt bike with Daryl, Ned, the Marks brothers, Shapleigh, Kev McGil, Pat Connely, Danny Sullivan, Hunter Allen, Freddy, Andy, Ed Fuji, Shaney Shane, Colin Brant, Hall Worthington and myself in tow and not a plastic bike in the entire group.

That cat in the green kit looked damn smooth.

Video by Dave Kendall

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