Friday, December 9, 2011

Steel Wül Press Release- Sponsored by Caletti

On December 10th Pleasure Point Yoga Studio will open its doors to the public for a mixed level Yoga session at 4:00 pm in the El Rancho Shopping Center off Portola Drive (refreshments & DJ after). Mama Wüleur and Emily Perry (Dan The Auquaman's wife) both have classes on the new schedule. Over the last few years, Olive and I have seen many yoga books spread all over our home and witnessed various sun salutations as well as the occasional chimichanga dandasana and salami sirsasana. For years now Mama Wüleur and I have been row-sham-bowing for ride vs yoga privileges and her hard work has finally paid off. Drop into the east side for the best yoga, coffee, grocery shopping, and views.

Mama Wülers classes: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 9am
Emily Perry's classes: Tuesday, Thursday - 9am

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