Friday, December 16, 2011

Steel Wül Lighthouse Trivia

Question: Who are these guys?

Center - Kelly Robertson
His left- Norm Gall
His right- Dave Kendal (original)

Tim Neenan (Lighthouse Cycles) was kind enough to share this photo with the SW community. Daniel Green and Brent Marks with the "Dave Kendal" call. I spend a few moments pedaling with Kelly yesterday. When he lived in Rolling Greens Estates he was kind enough to have Kevin, AC and I over to his bike shrine (garage) and showed us how to work on our steads and how to cut wool socks for arm warmers.


  1. well the guy in the middle reminds me of Kelly Robertson. Could just be the beard, though.

  2. The guy in the center is definitely the General (Kelly Robertson); to his left (our right), I'm saying Norm Gall. To Kelly's right, ow, tough to guess with those stylin' shades; Eric Wilhelm..?

  3. Middle Tommy Clark, right Hans Heim, Left ????

  4. It's looking like Dave Kindall/Kimball....that is an ancient picture..where the hell did you dig this up? I love it...Norm is currently on a trip around the world, Kelly continues to cruise the SC roadways, but no idea about Dave. Anyone got a clue?

  5. That would be 'Dave Kendall'; my second guess (might as well be:-)...haven't seen him in decades.