Friday, December 23, 2011

Move over Eddy here comes Caletti

I am making room for my SW Caletti
and must let go of my 86' Eddy

I will let it go to a good home indeed
As long as they can appreciate this steed

In the SW lounge there are only 6 hooks
This one must go despite it's good looks

It has less miles than Fitz's 911
As you know the geometry is from heaven

It comes equipped with Eddy's fork crown
One look at it will convert any frown

Some argue its from Ugo De Rosa's factory
I could care less, as it ads to the history

If you register now, you can ride it in L'Eroica
And maybe never return to America........

For Sale: $1250 -
57cm 1986 Eddy Merckx Professional, SM Regal saddle, Harry build wheels on record hubs, nitto bar & stem, record 10 cranks & brakes. I have the entire original super record drive train, modolo brakes, record headset, & seat post included. The frame is all original and in great condition.
contact -

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