Friday, November 11, 2011

Steel Wül Trivia - Scarborough vs Pedali Alpini

Question: What Mountain Biking legend is Daniel Green (Scarborough jersey) chatting with?

Answer: Joe Breeze

Tim Neenan of Lighthouse cycles posted the correct answer. I am honored to think that Tim Neenan checks our blog every once in a while. Tim has been there and done that - got the T-shirt and his bike in the Smithsonian.
I have always wanted a Lighthouse frame because that is what Rob Parsons was riding when he took me on as his student of bicycle racing. He had a red and white one with simplex retro-friction shifters. Here is a pic of Tim and Hampsten. I assume Tim was using his culinary skills while visiting Hampsten.

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  1. Good eye Tim, that is Joe Breeze himself! I would love to be in the room to here you two talk about the good old days of building and designing.

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  3. Rob, I thought you knew that also- thats funny stuff!

  4. I did but it posted after you did, so it seemed odd.

  5. JB's Breezer #1 is also now a Smithsonian piece; it was built about a month after this shot was taken.