Monday, November 21, 2011

Linkedin - no thanks, I prefer to knock.

Here at Steel Wül we have been making a conscience effort to get back to the root of it all while on and off the bike. We woke up this morning and rolled into our normal routine of coffee, tea, legos, newspaper and feed the chickens. With the global market collapse and energy at a premium, we have had a surge of crime in the neighborhood and a group of us in Live Oak have decided to put the neighborhood back into the neighborhood. We have gone way old school and enjoy activities such as walking, talking, playing, waving, gathering, observing, and did I mention talking.

My inspiration (disgust) for this post came to me while reading page A9 of today's Santa Cruz Sentinel titled 'Big payouts excite Silicon Valley' by Brook Donald.
The article explains how Linkedin has gone public and that a dozen or so people will be splitting 7.5 million shares at $71 apiece. CEO Jeff Weiner will take home $25 million.

I feel as though Linkedin should be called Linkedindoors. This service has systematically taken energy away from neighborhoods and placed it into the virtual world not unlike every other social media. I understand that social media has played a role in uprisings and to daylight issues, but you will never convince me that it is a candidate to replace a knock on a door or a face to face conversation. How many times a day do you watch folks walk past each other in their own neighborhood and both parties are face down in a "smart" phone.

The article went on to explain that the soon to be multi millionaires from Linkedin will be looking to purchase homes in the 5 to 10 million dollar range (PG&E is salivating) and Richard Levinsohn of Porsche Stevens Creek in Santa Clara said, "We anticipate more activity over the next few months allot of these people will have new found wealth and they're looking for a place to spend it. We're only too happy to help". Steve Cooper of Intero Real Estate Services said, "We're definitely more confident taking on the really expensive homes now, the 3 to 10 million range, and knowing we can move them".

Is more money what we actually need? The article makes it sound like we should all be rejoicing for these 12 employees who will be taking in millions of dollars during the worse recession in our countries history. Just last night Mama Wüleur threw a clothing swap party where 40 women got together spent zero dollars, hung out, enjoyed some conversation and recycled their clothes. That is just one example of the many activities that we all need to bring back to our neiborhoods. It can all happen with a simple phone call or email.

I find it nauseating that people feel as though any of this money is going to trickle down to the unemployed school teacher with a double masters. Before you get Linkedin today check to make sure you have called your family, friends, and kicked some rocks in the front yard. Remember, companies like Linkedin exist for only one reason- to make large amounts of money.

We look forward to spending time (real time) with you folks! See you on the road or at the fire pit.

For the record:
I joined Linkedin a few months ago after receiving numerous emails from random folks and I am having the hardest time linking out of their system.

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