Monday, November 28, 2011

Some kids went to Jamborees, others found cycling

  • When Mike Erbe went to clipless pedals on his Ciocc
  • When Ed Fuji used a 55 ring
  • When you first used index shifting
  • When you finally hung on the Tuesday / Thursday ride
  • When Mike Batin pulled that guy from the drivers side window
  • When James Stanton crashed on San Juan grade and sparks flew from his cleats
  • When Mt. Larry dropped us all on the Dell on his mt. bike
  • When Shaney Shane took a pull from Pescadero to Davenport
  • When Brian Picket was unstoppable
  • When we used to do Rampart on the Tuesday / Thursday rides
  • When Kim Davis would win the Beach Street sprint
  • When Freddy would ride his Bianchi
  • When Daryl would solo Larkin
  • When Brent Marks would bring Steve Larson on the ride
  • When Dougie's pedal broke Erbe's helmet
  • When Lance knocked on Aaron Peter's door during a ride
  • When Shapleigh was even skinnier than he is now
  • When AC would ride with a backpack to hold his Bell V-I pro helmet
  • When no one rode with phones
  • When no one rode with computers
  • When the flight saddle came out
  • When we had Vetta Corsa helmets
  • When Pat Gilbert's snot would hang on his stem
  • When no one knew how heavy their bike was
  • When Mike Engleman lived in town
  • When Ed Price was wicked fast
  • When Drew Holderman worked at the Spokesman
  • When the Spokesman was on Cedar st
  • When Hugh had his dog 'Campy'
  • When Rob Parsons shaved his legs
  • When the National Cycling League formed teams


  1. Thanks for sharing this Jake, epic times and I miss em dearly..