Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1990's Steel Wül Trivia

Who is this scrapper and what happened to him while training one day that was very unusual?

Clark Sheehan and he was struck by a wind blown cattle trough while training in Colorado which broke his back. He made a full recovery and here is a shot of him bagging stage 7 of the 1995 Tour DuPont.

Rob Overson posted the correct answer.


  1. Clark Sheehan
    Hit by a wind-blown cattle trough
    Plus Hit by a drunk driver in the Ruta Mexico and pinned between a van and a pickup.

  2. Is that Rob Overson as in Robb Overson Rob Overson? Good answer! Only a true American cycling fan would know that trivia.

  3. Rob- email me your home address and I will send you a SW mussete bag.