Thursday, October 27, 2011

Verve Coffee Roasters- saving our community

When Ryan and Colby opened Verve Coffee on 41st avenue a few years ago, we were elated to have such a well organized professional business in our neighborhood and the best coffee on the planet and did I mention professionalism! Their coffee is so good that I started drinking decaf just to enjoy the insane flavor.

These folks have breathed life into the east side by creating a comfortable clean atmosphere for people to gather. They have continued to grow in this economy and I think it is due to their vision and level heads. Their employees have medical coverage if you can believe that.
Here are a couple of shots of their new digs in the seabright cannery. We are proud to have them as a Steel Wül supporter and on our club kit. This is where we will be gathering for our north coast boogies for now on!

New Seabright Location

Ryan giving us a tour of the new Head Quarters

Mama Wüleur and Colby figuring out how to save the community

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