Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mom & Dad to Jake & Jess in 72 hours

Mom & Dad left Santa Cruz Thursday morning for Point Reyes to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary and by the time they hit Scotts Valley they transitioned into Jake & Jess.

Point Reyes is quite possibly the most charming place on earth. We both felt like we were on the set of Northern Exposure. I was looking for Ed Chigliak and Joel Fleishman the whole time.

We took our bikes and explored the coast and the east side with some direction from Mike Varley (Black Mountain Cycles). When I walked into Mike's shop I thought I fell into a time wormhole and landed back into 1987 at the Bicycle Inn. I was looking for Jeff and Harry and all the steel wülnes. He had everything from Delta brakes to handmade Ritchie's. Jess told Mike, "You might have to let him sleep here tonight". He politely said, "that would not be the first time that has happened".

With everything so accessible by foot and bike, we left the car parked for a couple of days. The food was incredible especially the bakeries and desert menus. It only took me two nights to remember to hide a flashlight at the base of our 10 minute hike into town.

We are both counting the days until we can do it all over again. It was one of those trips where you would not change a thing.

photo by German tourist

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