Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mexican Soul Food........1,008 burritos and counting

Its hard to believe that we have been going to Taqueria Michocan every Thursday for 7 years. That puts us at 336 weeks / 336 burritos each or 1,008 total burritos or $6,048. No wonder Monica gives us extra chips when we roll in there! Unfortunately, I think my math is correct.

Ron Amen is also a 7 year Thursday phenom accept he stops in after his Davenport evening boogie so he should feel good about ordering his BBQ chicken super. When I see him all kited up in chamois I always act like there is no way I could finish my burrito. As soon as he bails I often down the rest of Olivia's lard cake I mean tortilla.

When we walk through the door Roberto yells out, "Olivia!". We go through the ordering ritual every time we walk up to the counter and at this point Monica must think we are fools. Olivia always gets the rice-bean-cheese burrito and it comes with a custom smiley face on the aluminum foil. When Roberto quit we were totally honored that Monica instructed the new cook to make a smiley face on Olivia's burrito wrapper. We miss you Roberto. Jess goes with the vegi with black beans and I bounce back and forth between the BBQ chicken Super and a good old fashion plain-jane rice bean cheese with guac. Lately Olivia has been eating hers with chips just like Mama which is poor burrito etiquette unfortunately. By design burritos are to be bit into not scooped out with a chip. To each their own. Any thoughts on that?

I think Josh Murray introduced us to the Michoacan phenomenon and we never looked back. He described the inside of their El Pastor burrito as some kind of perfectly balanced universe where the rice, meat, beans, and salsa all congealed together in the most harmonies way. He claims that he enters into the "zone" when he bites into it. I have to agree with him, when Thursdays roll around I always show up extra hungry knowing that our "Micho night" will always involve a delicious burrito. Thursdays have become sacred to us and I think its due to either the quality conversations (horse discussion) or the fact that there are no dishes to clean.

AC used to rate his Burritos and created his own categories that never really made sense to me until now. I believe he broke it down into these 5 categories:

1. proper distribution of ingredients
2. rice to bean ratio
3. wetness (nothing worse than a soggy burrito)
4. salt factor (Vallarta salt lick anyone)
5. salsa

What is your favorite burrito joint and why? For the record, I have not been to Vallarta in years.

Mama Wüleur and the man simply known as "Monica's husband" who thinks we are crazy.

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