Friday, October 7, 2011

Dan The Aqua Man, Dan The Lead-Out Man

Dan Perry (aerobisaurisrex) has one of those rare aerobic engines that only swimmers have. The first time I met Dan was at Hobbies Restaurant a month or so before we teamed up for the 1993 Tin Man Triathlon aka Sentinel Triathlon aka Santa Cruz Triathlon. We had a common friend that organized a relay team: Dan Perry -swimmer, Jake Hess - cyclist, Bill Winston - runner.

As we sat down to eat breakfast and meet the team, Dan simply said, " I don't know about you guys, but I am planning on winning my event". His comment was not cocky or arrogant he was merely speaking the truth. Lets just say I started my "emergency" training on the wind trainer that night Damon Kluck style: going to bed starving. That was all the motivation that I needed.

Sure enough as I was warming up on my american classic rollers at the Dream Inn parking lot, Dan came running up the stairs so far ahead of everyone it was scary. I held my own on the 40k and handed Bill the relay bracelet with a substantial lead thanks to Aqua Man. Rumor has it that Dan still owns the SC wharf swim record.

He has made the full transition to road cyclist and here is a shot of him lighting it up at the Fort Ord RR in Steel Wül kit. We are stoked to have he and his family in the SW community! The shaved legs are looking sinewy.

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