Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Steel Wül Trivia

Question: What former TdF American racer was also a successful high school wrestler?

Answer: Kevin Livingston

Kevin was known for his near perfect pedal stroke and tireless efforts in the big mountains. He traded in cauliflower ear for saddle sores in high school.

Apple posted the correct answer.


  1. On first impression: Bob Roll

    (ps - thx for cluing me when the new kits arrive :-)

  2. Dan,

    Bobke is a good guess considering his stature and attitude but this guy is smaller and quiet.

  3. davis phinney, ron kiefel, jauque boyer, andy hampsten, tyler hamilton, frankie andreau, paul willerton, chad mcrea, marty jemison, alexi grewal, chris charmichael, eric heiden, jeff pierce, alex stieda, douglas shapiro, floyd landis, kevin livingston, or maybe lance armstrong. any of these?????

  4. Who is Christian Vande Velde...

    He went to Lemont High School.

  5. Apple, I will give it to you even though Willerton, Grewal, and Chan never did the TdF. Kevin Livinston was a nationally ranked high school wrestler.

  6. Christian Vande Velde was also a high ranked high school wrestler, he also received a few special awards in high school for the sport.

  7. Anonymous is correct, however, the question is, What "former" TdF racer. Nice try.