Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Santa Cruz Steel Wül Trivia Please!

Who's jersey is this?

Santa Cruz's very own 'Lighthouse' Larry Morrin

Congrats to Doug E. Fresh who posted the correct answer.

Bonus Trivia:
Tim Neenan founded Lighthouse Cycles (custom frames builder) in Santa Cruz in 1975. He also designed the first production road bike and Mt. Bike for Mike Sinynard of Specialized Bicycles. The first Stumpjumper is in the Smithsonian and has his signature on it. Tim build Lighthouse Larry multiple frames in the 1980's hence the nickname. Rob Parsons was also on a Lighthouse until Wheelsmith gave him a Merlin Ti Classic in 1993. Tim "the rocket" Neenan is still riding and building frames in San Ynez, Ca. You know you make good stuff when Maynard Hershon rides your bikes.

We have a bottle of Bargetto Pinot Grigio for Doug and Jenny. Stay tuned for more geocash gifting and sponsored Steel Wül Trivia. Jim Gentes to sponsor the next SW trivia.

Lighthouse Lug work


  1. Tim Neenan's perhaps?

  2. Good guess but not correct. This guy did lots of riding here in Santa Cruz as well.

  3. That's Stormin' Norman Gall, who founded (or co-founded?) Coastal Sportive.

  4. I am sure that Norm has plenty of his old Coastal Sportive kits, however, this one is not his. Think nicknames.

  5. LightHouse Larry from Lowell Mass.

    Doug E Fresh