Friday, September 2, 2011

The perfect ride mix- 25 years of road race testing

All of the recent chatting about our vinyl got me thinking about ride music. How could one possibly chose a mix with so much great stuff out their? AC and Kev McGill have made some absolute doozies over the years that we have traded back and forth like some sort of drug deal. AC's typically start off with an in your face techno beat that would resonate well with a cross racer or even cross dresser and then settle into a mix of tunes that any kid from the Aptos hills would love from 1973 to 1996.

One of Kev's roles during our pre-race ritual was to let me know when it was appropriate to launch Metalica's 'trapped under ice'. Music is tricky that way, its power over your spirit and psyche must be respected at all times. I would hold up the secret mix tape and he would just look at me and say ,"No,..... its too early for that!". I figured I would listen to him considering he was the elder statesman by 24 months (he had the drivers license) and was race trained by Freddy Markham.

We would like to hear what you folks use for those long solo rides. I wonder what Mad Potter was rocking to as he weaved through our road barricades yesterday on his Colnago cross machine on a Potter solo mission to White House Canyon while we were fighting a fire in Boulder Creek. He looked great!

I scanned the vinyl and culled out my ultimate soul ride mix.

1. The Untouchables - Freak in the Street
2. Beastie Boys - Root Down
3. Pretenders - Precious
4. Romones- Freak of nature
5. Clifton Chenier - Tu Le Ton Son Ton (let the good times roll)
6. Talking Heads - Stay up late
7. Beastie Boys - Looking down the barrel of a gun
8. Peter Green & Jeremy Spencer- Mean old Firemen
9. UB40 - Present Arms
10. Johnny Cash - I have been everywhere man
11. John Mayall - Stand back baby
12. Vince Guaraldi Trio - Pebble Beach
13. Edith Piaf - Fais-moi valser
14. The Chieftains Live - The Fox Hunt
15. Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin Somethin
16. Steel Pulse - Steppin' out

For the record David Byrnes is an avid cyclist!

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