Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flying the friendly skies?

Brian Regan on Flying‏
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We at Steel Wül headquarters recently subjected ourselves to the post 911 airline shitshow. It really made me think of all those pros who travel our globe on a regular basis. All I have to say after our 21 hour debacle is that those athletes do not get paid enough.

Remember when the airlines would pride themselves on warm meals served with silverware? I have to admit it is nice that the "smoking" section has been eliminated. Even as a little kid I remember thinking that it was a bit out there to have some fat guy at the back of the plane smoking and joking.

The airlines have systematically removed any and all "services" from the menu. We witnest a few unhappy campers while in line who evidently did not get the memo regarding "luggage fees" so they did what any wary traveler would do, they "consolidated" right there at the counter. To our amazement the airline companies are willing to take your unused bag for a small "fee". This process leaves the tired traveler dazed and confused as they crunch the numbers as to what is cheaper - pay the original luggage fee, consolidate and pay fee, or simply pay the fee. In the end, I think that we all "pay the fee".

It would have been nice for the airline companies to offer up some of their former services when they were catching a tax break to the tune of 30 million a day when the feds shut down the FAA and furloughed workers for two weeks.

In the end we made it home safely and yes, we plan on purchasing tickets for the shitshow again soon.


I am a big Brian Regan fan mostly because of his "situational" humor and the fact that we are from the same generation. I bielve that he was one of 5 boys in a big Irish family. I can only imagine what it was like around that dinner table. It must have been brutal.

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