Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Steve Reaney - Gentlemen, Flahute, Scholar

I ran into Steve Reaney the 2010 Elite National Criterium Champion today outside of Los Gatos and enjoyed a couple hours of pedaling with him. We discussed how to transform from racer to rider, family, doping, aging bodies, weight, West Virginia, and mental toughness. It was really nice to see that he also abides by the # 1 unwritten rule of the road - 'He who gets a flat prepares the new tube/tire while partner removes the old one'. I know it sounds trivial but this simple concept was ingrained in me by Freddy Markham, Rob Parsons, and Mike Urbe. Its just the right thing to do. I look forward to putting some power to the pedals with Steve and with a baby on the way, lets just hope he is a little sleep deprived for our sake.

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