Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Stallion can smell the barn!

Here is what Dave and I have done since our last PBP posting (18 hours ago)

Jake - sleep (8hrs), watched part of a movie, went to lunch with AC, went to a B-day party (ate chicken wings), played with Olivia & rabbits.

Super Dave - pedaled his lugged Rock Lobster for 18 hours.

I am not a mathematician but it appears to me that if Dave holds his current pace he could pedal well over 1600k in 90 hours. Someone let him know that its only 12oo k. I am going to go ahead and say that he might have been pushing someone from Carhaix-Plouguer to Brest (that was 14 hours and 48 min in between controls.

I can't wait to ask him what is harder, the Hawaiian Ironman or PBP?

Click here for up to date results for Dave (rider # 4512)
17th PARIS BREST PARIS Randonneur - Paris-Brest-Paris 2011

SAINT-QUENTIN-EN-YVELINES21-08 19:150h000 km/h0h000.1 km/h
VILLAINES-LA-JUHEL22-08 03:137h5727.7 km/h7h5727.7 km/h
FOUGERES22-08 06:5911h4326.4 km/h3h4523.7 km/h
TINTENIAC22-08 09:4514h2925.1 km/h2h4619.4 km/h
LOUDEAC22-08 13:3218h1624.6 km/h3h4622.5 km/h
CARHAIX-PLOUGUER22-08 17:1421h5823.9 km/h3h4220.5 km/h
BREST23-08 08:0236h4716.8 km/h14h486.3 km/h
CARHAIX-PLOUGUER23-08 12:3241h1617 km/h4h2919 km/h
LOUDEAC23-08 16:0544h4917.4 km/h3h3322.2 km/h
Heure estimée d'arrivée au prochain controle entre 23-08 19:55 et 23-08 20:57
Kilomètres parcourus: 782

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