Friday, August 5, 2011

California Steel Wül Trivia


Name these folks from the 1994 Dole Citrus Classic RR.


  1. well, that's you, jake hess for one. no clue on other nuckleheads.

  2. It'd have to be Jorge Espinoza that snuck away (I know, "snuck" is not a word) in the final 2 km or so. And I thought I had the damn thing won! Didn't know Jorge then, but have consumed a lot of beer with him since moving to Boulder...Do you mind if I pirate this pic? The one I have has an all-too-clear shot of the porta-potty in the background! BTW- great blog Jake!

  3. Sean-
    How cool to hear from you. You are a bigger man than I am as I would have never admitted to not knowing that he was up the road, although I did not know that either at the time. Sounds like you are doing great. Feel free to enjoy that picture for sure. Keep it touch and send old photos if you have them. I still chat with Joe Pettinger.