Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steel Wül Trivia

Question: What was the original title of the academy award winning movie 'Breaking Away'

Answer: 'The Eagle from Nap Town'

AC called in the correct answer. We watched this so many times in the 80's, we felt like it was filmed for us. My most memorable day on a bike happened to be in Bloomington, Indiana at the National Road Race. The course was held at Brown County Park (scenes from the film) and the Feds found a very steep col for us. Me and David Bly launched a suicide break early on and the field experienced some serious attrition in the August heat. We could hear the chase group on the final lap changing gears at the bottom of the 'wall' and they simply ran out of road. California brought home a couple of medals that day. I experienced my first drug test that afternoon and Heath Sandal was next to me answering questions with the feds. I was shocked at how many vitamins and supplements he had to disclose. My paperwork indicated an occasional vitamin c and Gatorade.

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Breaking Away


  1. That is true, however there is yet another one that was the original title

  2. Nope, the answer is out there in the bowels of the cycling trivia world