Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Steel Wül Trivia for 200 please!

Question: What TdF rider had the first illegal bike based on weight? What was significant about his bike and who deemed it illegal?

OK, this one stumped a few folks who know their history, here is the story

Leblanc of the TdF wanted to congratulate Jalabert after winning a mountain stage and he happened to pick up the Frenchman's bike while sharing in his glory and in doing so his jaw dropped as he flung the custom machine in the air with ease. Leblanc was mind boggled while holding JaJa's 14 lbs climbing bike with 26" wheels. It was at that very moment that Leblanc decided that was too dangerous and a minimum bike limit was necessary. If you remember, Claudio would use a "mountain stage" bike for the accents and ditch it for his "descending" bike.


  1. I think it was Simoni, on a Cannondale, which I think prompted the "legalize my Cannondale" campaign. the UCI deemed it illegal?

  2. It was his TT bike and I believe Vanonymous has the rest..

  3. Eddy Merckx with machined drill holes on components? The Societie de Tour de France? I know I'm not right, but sounds cool.

  4. OK,..a little hint here - He was on a Look KG