Monday, June 27, 2011

Peaceful Livin'

I came home this evening after a couple of long shifts to find Jess and
Olive hanging out in the backyard. They really wanted to show me this
runner-bean that was climbing its way up this amazing spider web. I
walked around the corner of our side yard and this is what I saw. My
eyes immediately focused in on the peace sign and I was able to pop a
couple of rounds off with the old IPhone. Our backyard is Olive's
sanctuary and evidently the resident garden spider was feeling the same
way. Grey Kitty was soaking up the last few sun rays of the day and did
not seem to be impressed with our Wüleur Web of Peace. I wanted to
memorialize this with rain forecasted for tomorrow and Wednesday. This
was a nice reminder for me to slow down and enjoy both work and play.
Joe Dominguez said, "make a living not a dying". It appears as if this
spider has something to say or is just seamlessly catching his calories
and messing with us at the same time. Sign me up!

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