Monday, June 20, 2011

Local Steel Wül Trivia Please!

Who was the first Santa Cruz County cyclist to use Shimano 8sp STI (prototype)?

Jim Gentes

Steel Wüleur Apple posts the correct answer. What color Steel Wület do you prefer?

First Sighting:
I might have to go to a third party judge (Hugh F.) on this, however, I do remember seeing this person pull up to the Thursday night ride with some very nontraditional shifters on his bike (STI). Kev, AC and I were deep into our Pre-Tuesday / Thursday ride preparations (15c piggy cookies, orange juice & last minute homework) when we heard this individual shifting his gears around the corner. It sounded like something was broken. I immediately chalked it up to a "gimmick" and questioned who is that lazy that requires the shifters on the bars. I remember Chris Shapu and Lighthouse Larry commenting on the fact that they were proud that their bikes finally had down tube shifters not stem mounted shifters and that aero levers rule.

These were the days when Roskopp was skating the Blue Monster in Tahoe with the original Lance (Mountain). I just bought my lugged Team Fuji from the Dutchman equipped with 7sp Suntour Sprint and arraya aero wheels. Kev was rocking his blue Bottechia with Campy, and AC was on his trusty Club Fuji with Suntour Cyclone and 6sp index Ultegra (Bell V-I pro helmet in backpack).