Saturday, May 21, 2011

Steel Wül you find it (instant gratification)

Ok,.... If you are standing in front of this sign on the road get on your bike and pedal 17 times in a 34 X 23 or 14 times in a 39 X 23 on Fern Flat rd and then stop and look to your right and find the only Eucalyptus tree and uncover the leaf litter to find your SW treasure!

Apple, BC and I were asked a couple of times today if we were "lost" while enjoying some Aptos pave on our road steeds. We try not to use the "L" word on a SW ride. I respectfully explained to one guy that it was simply a natural progression. We use to ride Santa Rosalia on our Diamond Back Silver Streaks (CW bars) then we graduated to our Univega Alpino Uno, then upgraded to our Diamond Back Apex II, got a job and bought Bridgestone MB-1's, upgraded to the MB-Zip, then we followed Mt. Larry home one day and quickly realized that road bikes were clearly the rig of choice for Aptos dirt and we have been doing it ever since. Go Sea Dragons!

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