Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the "Reno Rocket"

This was January of 1993 and yes, that is a glass Gatorade bottle in my hand. Gentes called me the night before and asked me what I was doing tomorrow besides riding with the Rocket. We met him at the Los Gatos Lodge and Otto followed us in his signature Mercedes wagon. I spent my food money on the disposable camera (photo by Greg Shapleigh). Lemond was eating now-and-laters, licorice, and sour patch kids. He told me that powerbars were over rated. He was like a diesel engine and did not warm up until hour 5 when he dropped us like a bad habit. He was on a custom Calfee with a frame pump duct taped to the head tube.


  1. That was a memorable day. I couldn't believe how much candy he put away at that gas station. I remember that with about 35 miles to go, Greg raised his hand. Otto drove up, put Greg's bike in the trunk and they drove off.

    - Greg Shapleigh

  2. Thats right, I remember someone saying that the cat was out of the bag in Los Gatos and every cyclist was going to hound him. What a day!