Monday, November 8, 2010

Steel Wül Member Profile : Kev McGill

SWCC: How long have you been a member of the Steel Wül Cycle Club?

Kev: oooh... officially I became a member of Steel Wül the morning of September 19th 2010 at 0730 in the morning. And I will die a member.

SWCC: How many years have you been cycling?

Kev: Gosh..counting BMX bikes? I would old is my sister? lets see...1976 so 34 years.

SWCC: What was your all time favorite bike that you have owned?

Kev: oooh...that is a tough one! This might take a minute. The Pogliaghi! I had lighter bikes and flashier bikes, but this baby was just the best all rounder.

SWCC: What is your favorite post ride ensemble?

Kev: Thats a good question... ugg boots, one hundred percent cotton flannel pajamas from the Guinness Brewery and a Patagonia fleece top.

SWCC: Who is your favorite tour rider and why?

Kev: Greg Lemond, because he is American and he won- thats what your supposed to do and won consistently- he was a Californian and local boy.

SWCC: Have you ever won a Road Race?

Kev: I have! I won the Sweet Water Road Race in Nevada, USA

SWCC: What is your favorite Steel Wül moment?

Kev: That is a tough one too,...thats like choosing your children, how do you do that? I would have to say....ok this is my answer, Its tough to decide between Andrew Carroll riding up as Dave Stoller and when we rolled up to the first rest stop at the Fire Station and saw Eva run up to Jay (Dichary) yelling "daddy, daddy". or the after Party- ......I would go with the Party.

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