Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jim Gentes - GIRO Master Mind

Here is a shot of Jim celebrating his first National Cyclocross Championship. If memory serves me correctly, he said he crashed and or flatted and had to chase from almost dead last. He is famous for asking questions like, "How do you plan on winning today". While racing the 1991 Casper Classic, Jim and I piled our gear into a our rental car and drove off to stage 4 only to realize half way there that we were in someone else's rental car. The hair dyer, purse and female products were a dead giveaway. With conviction, we kept saying "this has to be our car,.... right?". We returned it to the hotel parking lot and found our rental and in true Gentes fashion, we left the other one on the opposite side of the Hotel lot. For the record, Jim won that Stage.

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