Friday, October 8, 2010

Member Profile #1 Olive Jane Hess

SWCC: How long have you been a member of the Steel Wul Cycle Club?

Olivia: " Um, 3 years."

SWCC: What is your favorite thing about being a member?

Olivia: " It's fun."

SWCC: Do you have any pets?

Olivia: " 2 rabbits, one is very soft and nice. The other one is scratchy and mean. I also have 1 cat. He's very nice and likes to sleep on me. I have 3 chickens and one thinks she is a rooster. The other 2 are very nice."

SWCC: What school do you attend?

Olivia: " Tierra Pacifica Charter School."

SWCC: What do you like about your school?

Olivia: " I like that my best friend goes there and it is near my house."

SWCC: What is your favorite book?

Olivia: " Can I tell you what Voli's ( her stuffed animal opossum) favorite book is?"

SWCC: Sure.

Olivia: "Anne of Green Gables"

SWCC: Where do you like to ride the most?

Olivia: " In Nisene Marks on my mountain bike. "

More member profiles to appear soon.


  1. Oliva does your cat get along with Voli's?

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  3. Grey Kitty usually ignors Voli especialy when we have the good organic cat food